Gone are the days of needing to manufacture, pack, and ship thousands of promotional CDs for a new album release. Novelope allows record labels, promotion companies, and bands to quickly upload and distribute albums and related materials to contact lists and groups that you create or import into the easy-to-use online tool.

Don’t rely on online sharing tools that don’t provide you with any kind of tracking, reporting, or follow-up abilities; Novelope allows you to perform all of these functions from right within the tool and you can even re-send the campaign to additional contacts at any time.

Our simple up-front pricing structure removes hidden costs and ensures that campaigns are affordable whether you need to send a release to 25 people or 25,000. Promotion companies can bill through straight to the client and save money by not needing staff on hand to pack and ship regular promos and labels can reduce overhead and bandwidth use by letting Novelope host, distribute, and track your promos. As an added bonus, media outlets love Novelope because they can easily listen to and download all your releases in one secure place.